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Caring for Babies & Kids Like They Were Ours

Give your precious little ones the opportunity to learn while they play with our infant and toddler care center in Charlotte, North Carolina. Tender Hearts Child Care Inc. provides after-school care for children in grade school, as well. Listed below are some of the common characteristics of the age groups we help nurture and educate.

Toddler Taking a Bath


Infants roll, crawl, and pull themselves up. When they feel comfortable, they take that first step. If you yell and scream, they fall to the floor thinking it's not okay.


Toddlers pay close attention to people and things around them, repeatedly performing an action and attempting to achieve the same outcome. They are curious about everything in their way. If it is in their way, they will get it out of their way. Toddlers do what they want, never what we want.

Ages 3 to 5

Kids between the ages of 3 and 5 are calm and attentive. They support themselves when supported by a parent or caregiver and imitate what they see. These growing little ones have their own personality on things they hear or have heard.

Grade School

Students up to the age of 12 are always helpers and want to be treated as if they know it all. They think younger kids aren't as smart as them and want to teach them how things should be done.